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Metropolitan Police Force Handbook

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<:: Metropolitan Police Force Handbook::>


This is the highest "NCO" rank within the MPF. You know your stuff, you have basic physical augmentations, access to assault rifles you lead your fellow units in most field operations if there is not HC present. If not you take their place. You are respected well within the ranks of the MPF.

This is the first rank where memory replacement is completely enforced, if you do not wish for this to happen, you can refuse the promotion. Other than this, the two ranks are very similar. 02's are authorized to use shotguns and high caliber pistols.

The first rank where memory replacement becomes available, if you do not wish for this to happen to you, you may refuse until 02. This rank is a pseudo "NCO" within the MPF, people are trusting of you and you know your way around. Plus you are issued much more lethal kit in the form of sub-machine guns.

The rank right above 05, you have a little more power, your muscles are back to pre-war levels, other than that? Your privileges don't change in regards to weapons at all. But you've gained more division specific training.

This is the rank right above recruit, you still don't have much power in regards to anything, you are issued your lethal and non-lethal weapons and have received some division specific training.


The basic rank within the MPF, you are put here once you are in the system awaiting further training, you are a citizen in a suit and are trusted about as much.

High Command:

You are the Sectorial Commander, this entire sector is under your command, anything you say goes. The City Commander reports to you, and you make changes that you see fit.

You are the City Commander, the cities daily troubles are your troubles, you make sure things keep running smoothly and that the Divisional's are properly doing their jobs.

The Figurehead of a division, he or she leads it organizes division specific training, delegates units to their duties etc. They are also the highest rank still available to leave the Nexus without special permission.


The Divisional's right hand man. There is a max of two to each Division, preferably one male and one female. You take the DvL's place if he or she is missing.  


KNIGHT: The KNIGHT Division handles sociastability, and are responsible for sweeps, patrols etc. They are the main policing division.

APEX: The medical sector of the MPF, they handle augmentations, surgery and are field medics for the KNIGHT division.

MAP: The mechanical sector of the MPF, they handle weapon customization, field modifications, field repairs


10-0 - Exercise Caution.
10-2 - Negative/Disregard.
10-3 - Radio Silence.
10-4 - Copy, Understood.
10-6 - Unit Occupied.
10-7 - Unit Offline.
10-8 - Unit Online.
10-10 - Riot.
10-11 - Stand By.
10-12 - Standing By.
10-15 - Fugitive.
10-17 - Respond to Call.
10-18 - Complete Mission.
10-19 - Return to Nexus.
10-20 - Location.
10-24 - Back-up Required.
10-25 - Report.
10-26 - Detaining Citizen/Anti-Citizen.
10-27 - Unit requests specific backup. (i.e., “10-27 Cremator.”)
10-30 - Nothing of Importance.
10-32 - Armed Hostile.
10-33 - Emergency, All units stand by.
10-50 - Patrolling (Location)
10-51 - Clamping (Location)
10-52 - Request Medical Assistance.
10-64 - Armed Hostile Group.
10-65 - Heavily Armed Hostile Group.
10-70 - Environmental Hazard/Fire.
10-76 - Inbound to Location.
10-78 - Immediate Reinforcements.
10-103m - Mentally Imperfect.
10-100 – Quick break (Some minutes.)
10-104 - Suicide.
10-107 - Suspicious Figure.
10-2000 - Overwatch Needed.
11-10 - Take report
11-42 - Biotic
11-43 - Heretic
11-99 Officer needs help



Unit Augmentation: 5’5-6’8
Male: 5’5-6’4
Female: 5’2-6’0

Ration Distribution

Ration Distributions can ONLY be started when their are respectively at least four units on, three of which must attend the RDT before it can begin. Only 01+ are able to commence Ration Distribution, and possibly even the City Administrator if no High-Ranking officials are online.

When a Citizen/CWU/CMU approach the window of the Terminal, ask them to apply before giving their ration.

Unless a citizen has 6 VP, and their LP is below 50, they will receive +1 Ration.

CWU and CMU workers - +2 Rations

Gold Tier Loyalists (50 LP): +2 Rations.

Platinum Tier Loyalists (85 LP): +3 Rations.

Diamond Tier Loyalists and Above (150+ LP): +4 Rations.

Detainment Cycles

Cycles are basically five minutes in Civil Protection Taskforce. 1 Cycle = 5 minutes.

For example:
A citizen has been caught evading the CPT. After a re-education, this citizen would be sent to detainment for 4 Cycles (I.E., 20 minutes).

Contraband Levels

Contraband Level A (Moderate):

Contraband Level B (Major):
Any Ammunition
Any Weapons
Handheld Radio
Resistance Clothing
Any Melee Weapons

Loyalists and Anti-Citizens

Loyalists are members of citizens that do deeds for the Civil Protection Taskforce, such as cleaning the streets of trash, reporting contraband, and all the way up to reporting crimes and other situations.


LP - Loyalist Points: Loyalist points are given to citizens that do something that contributes to the Union or City in general

VP - Verdict Points: Basically the opposite of Loyalist points, Verdict points are distributed to citizens that do things that disrupt civil order or cause any other minor and major crimes.

VP-Worthy Crimes and Punishments

(NOTE: When citizens have up to 6 VP, they are denied rations. When citizens have a maximum total of 12 VP, they must be immediately amputated!)

1 VP - Citizen has committed the minor crimes of:

Punishment: Minor re-education.

2 VP - Citizen has committed the minor crimes of:
Repeated Offense (Example: Running shortly after being warned).
Ignoring a Unit’s Minor Orders
Attempting to disrupt a BIOTIC’s work

Punishment: Minor re-education and a warning.

4 VP - Citizen has committed the crimes of:
Verbally Assaulting a Citizen
Ignoring a Unit’s Major Orders

Punishment: Moderate re-education and 2 Cycles.

5 VP - Citizen has committed the crimes of:
Physically Assaulting a Citizen
Verbally Assaulting a Unit
Refusing to Apply
Resisting Re-Education

Punishment: Major re-education and 2 Cycles

7 VP - Citizen has committed the major crimes of:
Physically Assaulting a Unit
Disrespecting a Unit (Example: Spitting on or Throwing Something)
Purposely Evading CPT
Attempting to Enter District 4
Possessing Contraband A

Punishment: Major re-education and 4 Cycles

12 VP (Immediate Anti-Citizen) - Citizen has officially become an Anti-Citizen if they commit the major crimes of:
Possessing Contraband B
Attempting to Free a BIOTIC
Killing a Citizen or Unit
Entering the Nexus (without High Command permission)
Withholding Vital Information

Punishment: Possible interrogation, followed by amputation.

LP-Worthy Deeds

1 LP - Citizen has minorly contributed by:
Cleaning the Streets of Trash
Cleaning Windows/Vending Machines

3 LP - Citizen has minorly contributed by:
Reported Minor AP Crime
Finished a Specific Task Given by Unit

10 LP - Citizen has contributed by:
Reporting a Major AP Crime (Number of LP may be changed depending on Crime)
Finishing a Work Cycle
Assisting Helpfully in an Investigation
Reporting/Turning in Contraband Level A

20 LP
- Citizen has majorly contributed by:
Reporting/Turning in Contraband Level B (Number of LP may be changed depending on Item turned in)
Attempting to Rescue/Save a Unit

50 LP - Citizen has majorly contributed by:
Saving a Union official (Number of LP may be changed depending on situation)
Helping Expose a Threat to the Civil Protection Taskforce (For example, revealing the identity or location of a rebel)

Loyalist Tiers

Bronze (LP Amount: 15) - Given a Red Armband.

Silver (LP Amount: 30) - Given a Grey Armband. Must be respected by any i5 units and below.

Gold (LP Amount: 50) - Given a Golden Armband and a Loyalist Apartment Card. Also is permitted a second ration at Ration Distributions. Must be respected by i4 units and below.

Platinum (LP Amount: 85) - Given a White Armband/Pin. Permitted a third ration at Ration Distributions. Must be respected by i3 units and below.

Diamond (LP Amount: 150) - Given a Light Blue Armband/Pin. Permitted a fourth ration at Ration Distributions. Must be respected by i2 units and below.

Sapphire (LP Amount: 200) -  Given a Dark Blue Armband/Pin. Permitted a fourth ration at Ration Distributions. Consideration for moderate Unionization and permitted a Light Kevlar.

Ruby (LP Amount: 350) - Given a Black Armband/Pin. Permitted a fourth ration at Ration Distributions. Must be majorly Unionized and permitted a medium kevlar and possibly a small weapon, such as a 9mm (if they are being targeted in some way). Able to schedule meetings with the City Administrator.

Rank Permissions:

Sectorial Commander
Allowed everything in their Sector

City Commander

City-Wide Authority If SeC Absent
Call Autonomous Waiver
Call Overwatch in Reason

Divisional Leader

Access to Dispatch System
Call Overwatch in Dire need
Initiate Judgement Waiver
Large Change to Division
Give last Commendation or Black mark.

Can give temporary permissions to units, either de-ranking them or promoting them 1 rank. EX: i5-i4 mainly used during sweeps to fill roles. Can also give 2 Black Marks or Commendations. Can also call a sweep with DvL+ Permission.

Can recommend black marks and commendations to units.

May patrol new zones such as the catwalks and inner D:4 (not the sewers) with another two i3+ Whilst getting permission from OfC+

May patrol D:1-3 without another unit.

May patrol D:1-3 with another unit.

May patrol D:1-3 with another i5.

Not allowed to leave the Nexus, lowest of the low.


Standard MPF Uniform - Each Division has a different appearance, each suit having the same exact function. (Unless Personally Upgraded)

Combat Boots - These Black combat boots are designed to provide ankle stability, gripping of feet, and foot protection. The boots are also effective in ventilation and comfort. It incorporates nylon sides, a black leather exterior, and near-universal fitting. Pressure pads on the bottom absorb shock and hard rubber is used to stop slipping. Laces on the front consist of quick tying, strong strings. The boots are water-proof, do not conduct electricity, fireproof, and last long through difficult, varied terrains.

Combat Pants - Loose, green, thick, fast-drying pants. They carry two pockets on the left and right upper thighs, and are held up by a belt located on the unit's waist. Made with nylon, special fibers, and cotton. The cargo pants conduct electricity, but reduce brief electricity hazards by 10 percent. They protect against brief, small fires, but only for a brief amount of time. Extinguish fires as soon as possible. Fits into boots. (DO NOT DRY CLEAN)

Belts and Utility Belts - Standard issue belts. Units are given one clothing belt and two utility belts. Wear on waist and stomach. Used for bracing datapads, pistols holsters, flashlights, magazine pouches, other accessories and equipment. Clothing belt is used to hold cargo pants up to the waist. Utility belts may be used to place on top or under combat jacket.

Gloves - Standard issued pair of black gloves. Made out of nylon, leather, rubber, and cotton. The gloves moves reach up towards the lower arm and completely cover the hand and wrist. They are effective in ventilation and comfort. Helps with handling toxic or dangerous items. Water proof, does not conduct electricity, fire proof. Rubber is used to stop slipping.

Facemask - The mask protects the identity of those of those who wear it, while protecting against any fumes, toxic gases, or pollutants that units may encounter. Also works as a respirator and is made out of plastics and nylon. Once connected with the backplate, the mask's lens' will begin to show digital information to the individual. This includes the user's heat, the unit's use of stamina, unit's status, whether another unit is taking damages, user's heart rate, user's breathing rate, user's blood pressure, and the location of any wounds that the user may have suffered. The gasmask also has a zoom. All electrical components cannot work unless it is with the backplate. Gas mask is hard plastic backed by Level 3A Kevlar.

Backplate - The second most vital part of the uniform. Backplate consists of a slot to fit in the users allotted body armour plates. Contains a radio that connects to two speakers aimed towards the user's left and right ear. The backplate takes signals from the CIMS and relays them to the mask, which is then displayed for the user. The backplate will need a constant bio signal, otherwise it will just be a piece of metal.

UIMS (Union-Individual-Monitoring-Suit) - The most vital part of the MPF uniform. The suit is worn under all other clothing, and sends data to the backplate. It will tell of any holes or damage the the user has taken. It also tells the user's temperature, stamina, status, heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and location of the wounds the unit may have taken. Anything that it tracks, it sends to consoles in the nexus and to the backplate. The backplate then sends it to the lens to view. In addition to monitoring, it also moderates and controls body temperature and moisture. The suit will get cooler if it's hot, and hotter if it's cold. The suit will also absorb a large amount of moisture leaking through the exterior. Needs a constant bio-signal to activate. If a unit was to die or disconnect their chip, it will send a signal to all units of the city and to the nexus.

Datapad - A personal digital assistant that records all of the information on units and citizens. With it, you can look for CID's, pictures, and other information that can be useful. The datapad also doubles as a map, clock, notebook and messenger. It may also be connected to other devices and access codes and software. The datapad must be activated with a constant bio-signal. Datapad may be mounted on belt, strapped onto a wrist, or attached to the kevlar vest.

Stun Baton
- A 14 inch stunbaton with a charge that may be measured from options like kill, stun, and shock. It has a low-to-high setting that the user may change. The grip features a rubber-metal alloy that clings onto the user's hand so that the baton may not slip off. The stun baton also has a removable strap. The end of the stun baton has a cylinder shaped top that is approximately 2 inches. The top gives off the electricity and also acts as a weight, giving impacts more momentum. Has five settings Off, Low, Medium, High, Max

Flashlights - CP units are given two LED flashlights. One about 11 inches, and another about 3 inches. The longer flashlight can be used to illuminate dark areas and as a heavy baton, while the smaller flashlight may be mounted on the side of the mask.

Magazine Pouches - Pistol magazine pouches. Combine manufactured. Made with mostly cotton and nylon. Each pouch has a short velcro patch on the top and may hold two pistol or three magazines in a slot.They can may be mounted on the kevlar armor, the utility belts and the pistol holster.

Pistol Holster - A holster for a sidearm. Made with nylon, leather, and cotton. This socks any sidearm comfortably in. Two magazine pouches may be placed onto the holster. A button and strap mechanism on the top and makes the pistol more difficult to pull out by any foreign users.

Radio - The handheld radio is a communication device made with plastics. It connects to frequencies in order to send transmissions to other radios. It's shell is made out of plastics and is powered by electricity. The radio is wirelessly connected to the backplate, so units may simply tap on their backplate buttons to speak in the radio. They can also tap the radio button itself and talk via mask to transmit. It's also connected to the speakers so, no noise comes from the radio.

Bandages and Biogel - Units are also given two types of bandages for field use before HELIX operates on on the victim. One would be the sterile bandage rolls. These are soft fabrics used to seal wounds and stop bleeding by wrapping it's fabrics across skin and flesh. The second is the "emergency" bandage, which is as bandage with metallic plates covered in a gel solution along the edges to stick onto surfaces. These are very useful in quick-placements.
Biogel is a form of coagulant liquid placed before placement of bandages. This is a universally used medical item to aid stopping infection and promote coagulation.

Black Marks and Commendations - Black marks are the sign of disloyalty to the Universal Union, and are only given if said unit has done very wrong. Black marks are ‘X’s placed on the units armband. Three add up to a de-service. Commendations are signs of true loyalty to the Universal Union and are given by OfC+. Three add up to a possible promotion to the next rank of the unit.

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