Civil Worker Union's Handbook (Read me)

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Civil Worker Union's Handbook (Read me)

Post by The Bloody Advocate on Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:22 pm

The CWU fills the role of dedicated labor within any city they reside in, built up of notably dedicated and loyal citizenry. Their responsibilities are generally to fill gaps in work shifts as well as to set the example to citizens at large.

Primary Leadership

The CWU leadership are exemplars of Union intent and follow the law without fail. When the most dedicated and loyal cannot be found within a city, they are imported to fill the role and build up a base before someone from the city can take their seat.

CWU Manager - Chooses the direction the CWU is to take within the scope the Union has provided for Earth. Will determine what policies are acceptable or unacceptable. Can accept, promote, demote, and expel other members within the party.

CWU Director - Enforces and continuously reminds other members of the manager's edicts and changes. Primary job is to distribute informational pamphlets and organize work reports from members for the manager. Can accept, promote (up to store manager), demote (from store manager), and expel other members within the party. Choice may be overruled by the manager.

CWU Store Manager - Handles management of individual stores throughout the city. Orders supplies as needed. May request certain members of the party not be able to work certain stores. Must organize reports submitted into overall reports to be submitted to the director or the manager.

Work Reports

To keep up with supplies in stock and in use, workers must submit reports to their direct supervisors. The formats will be made available at the CWU HQ and the CWU operated facilities. An example will be provided here.

EX: A CWU worker named John Doe sells two jumpsuits to a civilian for twenty tokens each. Their work was done in the building denoted as the Souvenir Shop, the provided title being Miscellaneous Goods. Their report would contain all of their sales from that shift and be styled after the provided format (see figure a.).

Figure a.
Name: John Doe
Store: Miscellaneous Goods
Sold: Two (2) Jumpsuits
Tokens Collected: 20

After the sales report is complete, it will then be handed to the store manager and, if no store manager is available, to the director or manager. The sales reports will be condensed into a single weekly report, format provided to management as needed. After a store manager compiles their weekly report, they hand the reports in to the director who then condenses them into the final sales report, encompassing all the sales conducted in that week.

Stock not accounted for will be considered as stolen or destroyed and the MPF will be notified of their disappearance. All members of the CWU involved will be expected to cooperate with the investigation. Should fault be proven, membership will be terminated and all benefits stricken from your record. Reapplication may occur at a later date at management's discretion.


With the CWU setting the example for their peers around the city, it must be reiterated that their expectations are thorough and persist even when not on a shift.

1. Treat their position as a privilege, not a right.
2. Take part in work cycles when they are offered.
3. Actively take part in litter initiatives and cleanliness drives.
4. Report all seen and known crimes to the MPF without exception or delay.
5. Follow all laws of the city without fail.
6. Do not interrupt an officer's work out of mere curiosity.
7. Treat all of the MPF with their due respect.

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