Vladimir Magordov ACCEPTED

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Vladimir Magordov ACCEPTED

Post by Fashy on Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:44 pm

OOC Section

How long have you played HL2:RP?

A looooooooooooooooooong time. Since 2012.

Have you ever role-played as a member of the MPF?

Yes, on just about every HL2RP server I've ever played, I've been an MPF member.

If so, what division were you in and what rank did you reach?

Highest rank attained was DvL of Dagger division, which was basically special forces.

What is your most hated part of MPF rp?

I have no problems with MPF Roleplay itself at all, but OOCly is where it gets a bit tricky. Many Citizen/Rebel players can tend to start a bit of drama with MPF players, complain on the forums, metagame, etc.

What is your favorite part of MPF rp?

I like MPF RP when it's 'true to life', so to speak. Accurate portrayal of MPF can make or break a server in some cases. The feeling of being an officer among many thousands is quite fun, being a part of something bigger than just Minge McBag over there.

Why do you want to become a part of the MPF?

The MPF can be very fun to roleplay, especially in a setting where bureaucracy is present, and OOC nepotism isn't. Being a member of the MPF is usually an privilege bestowed upon players who are active in the community, and the Admins see potential in as a good roleplayer, and better community member. I, am both of these. MPF roleplay is especially fun for me personally, because military and law-enforcement type settings are my forte.

Character Backstory 1-2 Paragraphs, 7 Sentences each minimum.

Vladimir Magordov was born in Nizhny Novogorod, USSR on November 2nd, 1984. He enjoyed a simple childhood, in a regular, Soviet-era tenement. Vladimir lived with his father, Vassya Magordov, and his mother, Anastasia Magordov. His father, Vassya, had served in Afghanistan in an Infantry unit in the early 1980s, and his mother worked in an automobile factory just outside of the city. Though life was simple, his father obtained a drinking problem while serving in Afghanistan, and more or less lived paycheck to paycheck in the tiny tenement his son was raised.

High school came and went, falling in and out of the wrong crowds, attending Military Camps in his late teens. It was fun, a basic status-quo of getting used to his father's failing health, ignoring the problems, and simply focusing on finishing school and seeing what to do from there, other than being old enough to legally purchase alcohol -- not that it mattered to most liquor stores. After his 18th birthday, it was about a week or so of drinking, lazing around, and thinking about the future before a draft letter arrived in the mail. Though the Soviet times were long gone, conscription and some other Soviet-era policies weren't. And so, he left home.

Boot camp was quite an experience, his instructor a Chechen War veteran, a bit of a stocky guy with obvious anger issues. Making it through with many complaints but little incident, Vladimir ended up serving past the term of service for conscription in Russia. The military had given him a new sense of pride, and maybe a bit of life experience. Though he wasn't some sort of Spetsnaz operator, or a Paratrooper, he found his pride in the Military Police unit he so dearly loved.

On a policing deployment to embattled regions of Chechnya in the fall of 2004, Vladimir encountered no real combat in the assigned zone, zone 'Bear'. Though in the distance, AK fire would echo from the surrounding foothills, life was again in a status quo of waking up early, going on a morning drive, and returning for coffee and eggs for breakfast. However, one day this new type of leisure was ripped away, swiftly.

It was a morning a few weeks before Christmas, snow had fallen pretty heavily over the days before. The brakes failed on his UAZ, and he miraculously survived a speedy crash in the ancient, metal deathtrap, Vladimir was sent home and discharged unceremoniously from the Army on medical grounds. Though these injuries were treatable, a single concussion was enough to remove him from his already controversial position, as it wasn't like many officers liked the straight-edge Vladimir, a man who would report missing clothing stocks that just filled the Platoon Commander's pockets.

Returning home, he fell back into the drinking and squatting routine, and having picked up smoking in the Army, that too. The years went by, and in the summer of 2008, he finally began working again, this time at the same automobile factory his mother had worked in. Finding his way up the ladder to a managerial position, he moved to a bigger apartment this time, having a bigger salary and more responsibilities leadership and production-wise, life was good. Living as a bachelor wasn't so bad, having a woman every so often when he felt like it.

Vladimir's world was rocked one day, as were billions of other lives, as the Combine invaded. Though he did take shelter in a Soviet-era bomb shelter among other Russians of all walks of life, eventually, all went quiet. Coaxed out by the Combine, they surrendered their Humanity, intrigued by the Striders and gunships that now hovered above them all. Now was not Humanity's age. His beautiful, upscale apartment was reduced to something he'd see in Grozny. It was obvious that if there was one thing the Army taught him, it was that war? War never changes.

IC Section

Age, Height, CID

Age: 38

Height: 5'11

CID: (Still need to make character)

What does the MPF mean to you?

The MPF is the one thing keeping the entire society we have together. Without it, without proper policing, the structure would be shaken to it's core, and anarchy would reign supreme. Should we not realize that it's time to assimilate, and let go of our past lives of unruliness and degeneracy, all the work the Universal Union has done for Humanity will all be for not. Years ago, race, religion, and creed were judging factors of a Human. Now, the Universal Union has made us realize that none of that matters. It's what you can do for you and your own -- Humanity in this case.

Did a particular officer refer you to joining? If so who?


What do you add to the MPF?

I can add a lot to an assigned Police Precinct. With previous experience in policing, albeit brief, I can give suggestions and leadership skills to a particular 'division' if asked to. Other than that, I understand why there's a rank structure and how to respect it. Within any team, there will have to be those who work harder than others, and in that case, I am ready to assume any responsibilities or orders given by MPF Command if it guarantees mission success, and Humanity's survival.

Any particular skills you feel may add to the MPF as a whole?

- Previous military police experience.
- Leadership experience.
- Willing to learn, and follow orders given.
- Very motivated to do the MPF proud, and work my best toward success of Humanity and the Union entirely.

Why did you consider joining the MPF?

The MPF does a lot for the community in terms of policing, and the Universal Union is generous in the ration distributions, which would bring me to connect this with the phrase, 'don't bite the hand that feeds you.' Rebellion isn't something that helps regular, everyday Citizens, as we usually take the punishment for the actions of these 'Rebels.' In fact, this is extremely detrimental to survival of Humanity, and receiving further assistance from the Universal Union. To build ourselves as a species, we must help and work with those who want to help us.

Finally, put your signature below.

*Vladimir Magordov*


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Re: Vladimir Magordov ACCEPTED

Post by Soap! on Tue Feb 28, 2017 5:23 pm

As I was waiting until my peers decided to respond, which none of them have. I'll go ahead and say it; I've known you for quite some time, you're a decent person, and you can be trusted with this whitelist.


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Re: Vladimir Magordov ACCEPTED

Post by The Bloody Advocate on Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:03 am

We need units and the RP I saw on the server - for as jokey as it was - was nicely eloquent and detailed. I can appreciate that so long as the jokes don't continue forever.

You've got my support on it.

The Bloody Advocate

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Re: Vladimir Magordov ACCEPTED

Post by Soap! on Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:37 am

The staff team have discussed, and we have decided to Approve Your application, talk to me when you're on the server.

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Re: Vladimir Magordov ACCEPTED

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